Common STD Symptoms

It happens all the time. A man will have a few drinks in a bar and gets attracted to a lovely lady which ends up in a night of pure bliss. The next day that individual will go on his activities of daily living but 2 weeks from that fateful night will experience flu-like symptoms that will make him wonder or ignore and blame it on work-related stress. It will be good if the guy is a responsible kind who will go the extra mile and have a check-up to find out if he has STD.

Here are the common symptoms of an STD to make you decide if you have the infection:

Burning, Rash, Itching

This is the most common symptom in STDs. The rash would always be centrally located in the groin area which is usually accompanied by an itch that cannot be assuaged through scratching as it is beneath the skin’s surface. A rash also leads to other skin outbreaks such as blisters, welts, and sores.

Difficulty in urination coupled with burning or tingling sensation

Difficulty in urination that is accompanied with burning or tingling sensation is symptoms of STD. This is brought about by the inflammation of the lining of the urethra which is a precursor of STD but could also represent other prostate or bladder infections common in men.

Urethra or vaginal discharges

This symptom is the most visible other than the burning sensation and difficulty in urination and usually the first to be reported by an infected person. Yet, even with the discharges or pus from the Urethra or Vagina or difficulty of urination could be a sure indication of STD. Uro-genital infections and other infections which are not related to STDs can also show these manifestations.

Tenderness or swelling in the genital area

The most difficult to notice when lumped together with other STD symptoms. A lot of reasons can be the cause of tenderness and swelling in the testicles or penis of men. Tenderness and swelling in the genital area are not easily seen in women.

Having all or two of the symptoms discussed may give you an idea if you have STD. If you also happened to have been involved in a recent unprotected sex activity with a new partner, then it will be a smart move on your part to visit an STD clinic nearest your area to have yourself tested.

The shame and stigma that was wrapped around STDs in the past has been partly done away with in the present. No longer is prejudice strong against it when it has become one of the world’s leading infections that have affected people from all walks of life. It will even be a responsible move when you undergo an STD test to control the spread of the infection as well as give yourself a chance to live a disease-free life.

Needless to say the best way towards avoiding acquiring the infection would be either safe protected sex or involvement in a monogamous relationship with a non-infected partner.