Facts About Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Getting infected with a sexually transmitted disease would seem like the end of the world for everyone. Your irresponsible act has given way to severe repercussions and you are faced with two options to take. Do the necessary research to learn more about the disease and to arrange a medical appointment soonest as possible. In reading, you will find more knowledge about the different kinds of STDs and be acquainted with the statistics that will make you see that you are not the only victim to it.

By looking at the statistics, you will be able to see that its mostly young adults that get infected with STD. The reason for this would be the lack of information about the ways to get protected and the danger that irresponsible sexual encounters can get them in. Statistics will further show that for every new strain of sexually transmitted diseases, a teenager would usually be one to get it.

HIV is one of the most highly publicized STD and its progress towards AIDS is pretty scary. However, the sad truth that statistics will show that for every ten teenagers, one of them will have the knowledge or know somebody that has acquired the disease.

There are a lot of STD varieties with some that are easily cured, and some that will take a longer time to cure, if not at all. STDs that are caused by bacteria are treatable; it’s only the ones that are caused by viruses that will never be cured.

In Viral STDs, there are four incurable Hs. HPV and HIV cause genital warts that could lead to cervical cancer. Another H is herpes which is incurable as well. Last and not least is Hepatitis B that may have a preventive vaccine but still incurable once it has gotten into the system. On the brighter side, these four Hs may not be curable, but they can be treated to lessen their effect.

If you count yourself as a part of the statistics, the only way is to do something about it before the condition worsens and contain the spread as well. Remember that even if statistics shows an increase in STD not only yearly but by the minute, the institutions that are combating these diseases are also increasing. Submit to an STD test right away in order not to be counted as part of the statistics that never did something positive about it.

Another alarming statistic is the 15 million people getting STD annually with more than half of them not knowing they have it. How come? By reading more on STDs, you will find out that some of these life-threatening infections do not show any symptoms at all. Some even lie dormant in the system for long years, only to become active every now and then. The downside to this is more and more infection-free people get infected because the infected individual never bothered to be tested. The most responsible thing an infected person can do is to get the test and strictly follow the recommended treatment.