Things You Need To Know About Crabs STD

The least known STD an individual can get is pubic lice. It is one of the most annoying and irritating STDs which is called by several names such as ‘jock itch’ ‘crabs’, and ‘scabbies’. While all these other names have different definitions, they all share to some degree, the signs and symptoms. Knowing the symptoms will give you an idea what you have and here is some information about pubic lice:

Visibility of crawling lice or eggs in the affected area that include scratching the genital area for the itchiness that it produces is the most common symptom of pubic lice. It would not necessarily mean though that just because your genital area itches, you have the crabs. The identification of lice or an egg in the genital area is one of the distinguishing marks. It should be noted that other body parts that contain hair such as armpits, legs, and chest can also be affected. It should be a cause for concern though if hairs from other body parts are infested with lice.

The pale color of the ‘nits’ or lice eggs makes them blend easily with hair which makes them hard to see. If placed under the microscope, adult lice are easier to spot. The lice appear to be crab-like hence the name ‘crabs’. A bluish-gray skin that is the result of bites and sores in the genital areas are the other symptoms of pubic lice. Infection may result from these bites from the lice which would require medical treatment. Scratching the affected areas could also lead to infection in the skin and experiencing these symptoms may have already given you an idea that you have pubic lice.

It has always been believed that sitting on a public toilet seat that has just been used by an infected person will also transmit the pubic lice. There is zero chance for this to happen as lice could not survive when they have nothing soft to hold on to as well as the environment such as a public restroom that always gets disinfected and cleaned. If you think that you experienced itching right after you have used a public toilet seat, set a doctor’s appointment. Itching in the genital area could be a symptom of several conditions that may range from the mildest to the most serious ones.

Contracting pubic lice is through sexual intercourse which is the reason for it to be included under the list of sexually transmitted diseases. The best way to find out if you or your partner has pubic lice is to have an STD test so treatment can be started right away. While pubic lice commonly affect teenagers, it rarely happens to children. Multiple sexual partners increase the risk of contracting pubic lice and the only way to find out is to submit to an STD test. Medical help should be sought right away as soon as you test positive for crabs. Inform your partner or partners that you have crabs so they can also undergo an STD testing to prevent the spread of the infection.